Reliable Fire Supression Systems

S&S Fire Suppression Systems, Inc. is one of the premier fire protection contractors in New York , Connecticut and New Jersey. We are known throughout the industry for our superior engineering and design/build capability. With 50 years of experience, we excel in design, installation, inspection and maintenance services. There is no limit to the size or complexity of projects that we are qualified to perform.

With S&S, you get the best of all worlds – competitive pricing, superior design and engineering, and quality installation and service. Contact us for budgeting or pricing for any fire protection project.

The purpose of this site is not to only sell S&S to you, but to keep you informed of the current happenings in our industry. Fire sprinkler laws are constantly being proposed and modified and support of those laws has created a contentious debate. Fire sprinklers are a proven commodity in preventing the loss of life and property when properly installed and maintained. Opponents cite the costs but fire sprinklers generally add about 1% to the cost of new construction. More money is spent on carpeting or window treatments.

At the top of each page there is a News tab where regularly updated news items pertaining to recent events in the fire protection industry are posted. The scope of these items ranges from news about the proposed laws to fire sprinkler success stories. We hope you will visit us often.