Benefits of a Foam Fire Suppression System

Foam Fire SuppressionHow do you put out a fire? You put water on it, right? We’ve all known this idea since we were kids. Later, perhaps from something on TV, we learned there are certain kinds of fires you should not put water on. If a pan of oil catches fire in the kitchen, for example, we were told to grab a box of salt to smother out the flames. Water might only splatter the burning oil, spreading the fire.

Knowing when to use water and when to use something else can mean the difference between life and death, between minor property damage and total losses. If you are looking into fire suppression systems for your home or business, you know making a decision about what to use is not something you can put off until the fire is happening.

Foam fire suppression systems are a powerful tool for answering your questions in this regard. Foam systems are more effective on hotter fires than sprinklers. They are also a better choice for enclosed areas. This is because foam systems are faster at putting out a fire, and a more sure option at preventing re-ignition and liquid fire spread.

Foam fire suppression systems, like the ones available from SNS Fire Suppression Systems, coat a fire surface, smothering the fire, cooling the area, and suppressing vapors. This combination of factors means a foam system gives you the greatest advantage in preventing larger loss of property.


Foam Supression System

Depending on the type of flammables you may have present in your home or business, there are different foam formulations that would likely be best for you. For example, if your business uses hydrocarbon-based fuels—such as jet fuel, gasoline, and the like—you require a different formulation than a business that uses alcohol-based fuels. The experts at SNS Fire Suppression Systems can guide you in making the best choice for your needs.