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Practicing Fire Safety in Schools

Schools should be places for children to learn and grow, so it’s vital that proper steps are taken to practice fire safety within these safe havens. No matter how much preventative steps one does, sometimes fires happen. In fact, about 5,690 structure fires occurred annually in educational properties between 2007 and 2011, according to the… Read more »

Spring Cleaning for Fire Prevention

The weather is starting to warm up, flowers are beginning to bloom, and baseball season is back. All of these indicate one thing: spring has arrived. Spring is a time to declutter and get rid of unneeded “stuff” that has accumulated as well as deep cleaning certain areas of your home. However, there’s one other… Read more »

Fire Free College Campuses

Most college students should be well aware of fire safety and how to ensure a fire free environment. However, the number of reported fires in dorms on campus increased 24% between 2003 and 2013. Fires do happen on college campuses and it’s important that you understand how to keep yourself safe and how to prevent… Read more »

Escaping a House Fire

Fire is a scary term, and coming face to face with a fire can be terrifying. Unfortunately, accidents happen every single day even when you do your best to prevent them. Fires happen, and it is important to prepare yourself on what to do to keep safe should you ever find yourself in such a… Read more »

Importance of a Fireproof Safe

Safes are very important for keeping your personal records and documents protected. There are a variety of safes on the market but not all safes are fireproof. When looking for a safe, it is very important to look at brands that are fireproof. In the event of a fire, a fireproof safe is the only… Read more »

Fire Risk Heightened During Holiday Season

Many of our “holiday habits” can easily become the source of a house fire. From burning scented candles to burning the holiday roast, many of the things we do most during the holiday season can result in a house fire if we do not do them safely. Scented Candles Many people burn candles during the… Read more »