Escaping a House Fire

Fire is a scary term, and coming face to face with a fire can be terrifying. Unfortunately, accidents happen every single day even when you do your best to prevent them.Escaping a House Fire

Fires happen, and it is important to prepare yourself on what to do to keep safe should you ever find yourself in such a situation.

As children, we typically learn the most basic of fire safety skills such as stop, drop and roll. We also learn to not a touch door knob with our bare hands and to keep a rolled up moist towel underneath our door to prevent smoke from invading the room.

Although we might be familiar with some fire precautions, it can be easy to panic while caught in the midst of an actual fire which is why we are dedicating this post on how to keep safe when caught in a fire.

You should talk with family members about how to escape safely during a fire and the ideal exit in every room of your home.

Consider placing emergency rope ladders from upper levels in case the stairs are not an option.

When it comes to escaping a fire, timing can be everything. When you first become aware there is a fire around you, the first thing you need to do is simply get you and your family out of it however you can. Getting out has to be absolute priority over everything else.

Doors offer protection from heat and smoke and they also help to slow the progression of a fire.

Consider keeping your bedroom door closed in case a fire did occur while you were sleeping to help prevent it from getting in. When exiting rooms, you should focus on closing each door behind you.

Be sure to test the heat on the other side of the door by placing the back of your hand up to the door to make sure it does not feel extremely hot. If it is, use the nearest window.

Make sure you remain as low to the ground as possible to avoid smoke inhalation and do your best to cover your mouth and nose with clothing or a wet rag.

If your clothes do catch fire, you should practice the stop, drop, and roll method. Rolling around will smother the fire quickly but cover your face with your hands to prevent it from burning.

If you can’t safely escape the room you are in, do whatever you can to eliminating the chance of smoke and fire getting into the room.

Close the door of the room you are in and cover any cracks or vents with fabric, tape, or whatever resources you can find.

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