Fire Free College Campuses

Most college students should be well aware of fire safety and how to ensure a fire free environment.

However, the number of reported fires in dorms on campus increased 24% between 2003 and 2013.Fire Free College Campuses

Fires do happen on college campuses and it’s important that you understand how to keep yourself safe and how to prevent fires from occurring in order to keep others safe as well.

Most dorm buildings on college campuses have sprinkler systems which can make a tremendous difference when it comes to controlling a fire.

However, many off-campus housing options do not. If you are searching for off-campus housing, you should search for places that have sprinkler systems as well.

Be sure to take notice of the smoke alarms in your living space.

Dormitories should have smoke alarms inside of each bedroom, outside of each sleeping space, and on each individual floor.

Never, under any circumstance, tamper with a smoke alarm.

When your building practices fire drills, be sure to participate and take it seriously.

If a fire did occur, it is important to practice evacuating the building because of the massive amount of people that would need to get out.

Make sure that you keep flashlights, along with extra batteries, in your dorm room in case the power goes out. Lighting a candle can be extremely dangerous and they are often against dorm regulations. Consider keeping battery operated candles around, they look like real candles but aren’t a threat to your safety.

If you have the option to cook within your dorm, you should take advantage of it. However, it is important that you remain in the kitchen while you are cooking and that you never leave it unattended.

Cooking equipment is involved in 86 percent of reported dormitory fires.

If your college has restrictions on certain appliances, extension cords, or adapters, make sure you respect them and encourage others to do so as well.