Fire Risk Heightened During Holiday Season

Many of our “holiday habits” can easily become the source of a house fire. From burFire Risk Heightened During Holiday Season ning scented candles to burning the holiday roast, many of the things we do most during the holiday season can result in a house fire if we do not do them safely.

Scented Candles

Many people burn candles during the holiday season. They provide us with a warm and soft light, along with savory scents.  Although the scent of “fresh snow” is comforting, we must burn candles safely. Fires caused by burning candles are four times more likely in December. You should make sure that your candles are sitting away from anything that could possibly catch fire such as curtains or papers. Your candle should also be resting on a table that will not shake if someone passes by it.

Decorative Lights

Before stringing lights onto your home, you should make sure that all of the bulbs are in-tact and that no wires are frayed. When lights are put into storage, they can easily get broken or damaged. You should make sure that you are not running more than three strands of lights together at once. When plugging lights in, use extension cords that are meant for outdoor use. It will likely get wet from rain or snow. When hanging your lights, use clips instead of nails or staples which can cause wires to break.  


Most of us do a massive amount of cooking during the holiday season. In fact, cooking is the top cause of holiday fires which isn’t a big surprise. Most cooking fires start due to pure neglect. Make sure that you are watching the food you are cooking and do not leave the food unattended, especially if it’s on the stovetop. You should also keep a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, or sprinkler system in your kitchen in the event that a fire does start.


The holiday season is the best time to enjoy your fireplace, and you should enjoy it as often as you can. However, you should make sure that your fireplace is ready each season to safely burn a fire. Before you start using your fireplace, have it inspected and cleaned by a professional. Your fireplace should also a protective screen around it at all times. A screen will keep children from reaching in and it will prevent embers from flying out.

The numbers of house fires spike during the holiday season and it is important to be knowledgeable on what causes them and how you can prevent them. For more fire advice, visit our blog.