Fire Safety Refresher for Families

House fires are a serious issue throughout the United States.

Thousands of people are injured each year in house fires and thousands of people are killed as well. We all should be doing whatever we can to ensure that our houses are as safe as possible on a regular basis, and of course, our families.S & S Fire Supression Systems, Inc.

The most important thing that you can do to keep you and your family safe from a house fire is to create an emergency exit plan in the event that one does occur.

You and your children should be aware of how to escape a house fire in the event that the main exit is blocked. Teach your children that they should be staying low to the ground when they are getting out of the house to avoid smoke and heat. Children should also be taught how to feel a door for heat and be able to determine whether or not they should attempt to open it.

Establish a place where your family can safely meet outside in the event that they need to evacuate.

A tree a few doors down is a great place that can be far from the house but easy enough to find for children. See if a friendly neighbor is willing to be the “safe house” as well and let you use their phone or their home in case of an emergency.

Although a house fire is a scary thought and can be hard to discuss with your children, it is an important thing for families to discuss. Children are educated on fire safety in school but it doesn’t hurt to discuss it at home. It is important for parents to “normalize” firefighters so children don’t run or hide in the event that they see one.

Children should understand the seriousness of a house fire and how important their reaction to it is.

Make sure that your children understand that they should take nothing out of the house with them. Parents are also guilty of doing this too, but you should not return inside under any circumstance until emergency professionals have cleared the scene.

It might be tempting to go inside and get possessions or pets but it can result in death.

If you saw a clear path on your way out of the house, that path was likely surrounded within seconds.

Your home should be stocked well with smoke alarms.

Although a smoke alarm will not do anything to put a fire out, they will alert you and your family that a fire is burning.  Test your smoke alarms on a regular basis.

To ensure a fire is put out if one starts in your home, you should consider installing sprinkler systems.

These devices put fires out almost immediately, saving your home and your family. If you want to install a residential sprinkler system into your home, contact S & S fire Suppression Systems, Inc.