Fire Sprinklers Save Lives in Greensboro

According to an article in the Greensboro News Record, fire sprinklers are credited with preventing the potential loss of life and property in three seperate fires in early March, 2011.

In each of these three cases, the results speak to the effectiveness of active fire suppression systems in lieu of passive alarms only.

On March 4th, an alarm was received from a sprinkler water flow switch that activated from water flow in the sprinkler system at a nightclub with more than 600 people present. The fire, which started in a rear storage area, was controlled by two sprinklers. Damage was limited and there were no injuries.

On March 5th and March 9th, fire sprinklers controlled two seperate fires in residential multi-family buildings. Each fire, one on a deck and one in a kitchen, was controled by the activation of one fire sprinkler. In both cases, the sprinklers prevented any serious damage and no injuries were reported.