S&S is in the business of preventing the loss of life and preserving property where we live, work, shop and play. We achieve this by designing, installing, maintaining and servicing 100% effective fire detection and suppression systems.

We will differentiate ourselves from our competition by leading our industry with new and innovative technology, superior engineering, quality workmanship, and extraordinary customer relationships. We will expand our role in our community by developing expertise in security and related systems.


S&S will be recognized as a place that is committed to personal development. We will continue to be an innovator and a leader in providing all those associated with us the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

S&S will promote a culture that emphasizes positive values and teamwork. We will encourage a relaxed and friendly environment where both superior productivity and fun are realized.

By focusing on people, S&S will achieve levels of profitability that exceed industry standards. Everyone associated with S&S will share fairly in our success.


S&S will provide only the highest quality services and products.
Our customers and vendors will know and rely on us as being the expert in our field.

S&S will be the easiest contractor in the construction industry with which to work. We will strive constantly to improve our customer and vendor relationships.

We will conduct ourselves with a level of professionalism that is unparalleled in our industry.