Fires and disasters don’t wait for when you’re ready for them; they can strike at any time. If your fire alarms or sprinkler system goes down or requires maintenance, you can’t afford to wait for scheduled visit or inspection. S&S Fire Suppression Systems, Inc provides 24 hour emergency service fire suppression contractors and sprinkler system repairs to make sure you are protected at all times.

Building remodeling, updates, construction and other events may damage your fire alarm or suppression system, creating an unsafe environment for employees or residents. Weather disasters and electrical failures can also cause problems, disrupting your detectors or setting off systems spontaneously. If you detectors, alarms or sprinklers are not operating properly, address the problem right away to ensure a safe and affordable solution.

S&S Fire Suppression Systems addressing problems and defects of all kinds in nearly any fire suppression or alarm system. Call today to schedule an inspection or maintenance for alarms or sprinklers in your building.