S&S Fire Suppression Systems, Inc provides fire sprinkler maintenance and service for existing fire systems as well as complete design and installation for new systems. From detectors and alarms to sprinklers, foam systems and more, S&S Fire Suppression Systems designs every aspect of your system for buildings of all kinds.

If you have constructed or acquired a new building, one of the first systems to inspect and maintain is your fire suppression system. Alarms and sprinklers are the best and simplest way to protect your assets and keep your employees, guests and residents safe. S&S Fire Suppression Systems uses 3D modeling in the hands of trained technicians to design each fire suppression system. Existing alarms, detectors and sprinklers are carefully inspected and repaired if needed to bring your system up to code.

Keep your investments safe and protect your workers and residents from fire. For more information on fire suppression system installation, maintenance, inspections and more, call S&S Fire Suppression Systems today.