Fire alarm systems and detection devices are an essential part of any fire suppression system and a mandatory requirement for every single building. From homes to commercial sites, storage units, industrial buildings and more, every building is required by law to have full functionally and strategically placed fire alarm systems. S&S Fire Suppression Systems, Inc is an expert in fire alarm systems and can provide you with complete design and installation for any building.

Using 3D modeling and careful planning conducted by trained professionals, S&S Fire Suppression Systems installs completely new fire alarms systems for any building, as well as inspections, repairs, retro-fit installations and more. Each new system is expertly engineered to satisfy all fire code requirements and provide maximum protection within an affordable budget. S&S Fire Suppression Systems installs a full line of fire alarm systems from leading manufacturers and inspects or repairs nearly every model and design.

If you are installing new fire alarms and detectors for a new building or you are seeking a redesign for an older building, call today. S&S Fire Suppression Systems will provide you with a detailed outline and quote for your project.