Putting Out a Campfire Safely

The warm glow of a campfire can be such a comfort. With cooler nights ahead, many of us are looking forward to gathering around the campfire under the moon. Campfires are a staple of fall but can be a danger to your safety if you do not know how to put them out properly.

If you’re planning to host a campfire outside at night, in the woods or in your backyard, how to put the fire out is important to know. You should focus on keeping the fire and the flames manageable. Although it can be fun for people to see how high they can get the fire to go, it can be a recipe for disaster. Keep the flames of the fire under control to avoid losing control of the fire together. campfire

You should also make sure that your campfire is always being watched. As long as the fire is burning, someone should be watching the fire. Even if you believe it could burn alone for an hour, don’t test that theory. A campfire is still a fire and it can get out of control if it’s not tended to.

To safely extinguish a fire, wait until the wood has burned completely to ash and ember. When the fire is made up of embers, drown them with water. Using a bucket or a gallon jug should be enough. Pour water over the fire until you can’t hear a hissing sound, which is a sign that the fire is still burning below.  If you don’t have water where you are, dirt can work as well but the hissing sound won’t be as clear.

To test if the fire is completely out, the debris in the fire pit such as sticks or left over ash should be wet and cold to the touch. If it is too hot to reach out and touch what is left, the fire is too hot to leave and you should continue to pour water.

Campfires usually result in great memories, but while you’re in the moment, remember to put the campfire out. For more fire safety hints and news, visit the “News” section of S & S Fire Suppression Systems, Inc.