Sprinkler Saves Downtown Restaurant in Madison, WI

A downtown restaurant in Madison, WI was spared thanks to their automatic sprinkler system, further confirming the benefit of sprinkler systems in all buildings. The sprinkler systems prevented the restaurant from burning down and in turn saved the business and the surrounding businesses from experiencing severe damage. Although most restaurants are required by the state they are within to have a sprinkler system in place, stories such as this prove the importance of having and maintaining them.

Several weeks ago, a fire broke out in the restaurant kitchen that someone from the outside noticed burning. The individual called 911 and the fire department reported to the scene. It was discovered that the time the call was reported, the sprinkler system had already been activated, handling a large majority of the fire. Firefighters put out the remaining fire and turned off the sprinkler system.

A representative from the fire department said in a release that the fire damage had been well contained thanks to the automatic sprinkler activating. That restaurant also had a floor drain right underneath the sprinkler system so no water damage occurred from the sprinklers going off.  The owner said that the damage was minimal and that “there are no big problems” from the fire. In fact, the restaurant was up and running within several days following the fire.

It is so important to make sure that you not only have sprinkler systems in place at your restaurant but that you test them regularly to make sure they would function properly when needed. It is important to get your sprinkler system inspected by a professional to confirm that it would work when needed. Automatic sprinkler systems are the best way to ensure that if a fire does start in your restaurant, office building, storefront, etc., that it is put out or controlled until fire departments arrive leaving you with minimal damage and expenses as a result.