The Future of Firefighters and Virtual Reality

It’s no surprise that firefighting is a dangerous job, but virtual reality technology may soon help make the career a little safer.The Future of Firefighters and Virtual Reality

According to a 2015 CareerCast report, firefighters ranked among the top 10 dangerous jobs. And as of March 2017, there have been 24 on-duty firefighter deaths, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

Enter the potential revolutionary impact of virtual reality technology on this field. Virtual reality is quickly emerging as a technology that more and more industries and professions are using to push the limits of their profession. For example, a surgeon may use a virtual reality tool to view interactive scans of a knee to prepare for surgery.

This potential impact is no different in firefighting. This technological advancement could change firefighting for the better by allowing firefighters to train for the unexpected while in the field.

Virtual reality allows firefighters to train for several scenarios through realistic simulations. There’s even virtual reality-integrated technology that allows users to use a prop during the simulation.

Flame Trainer is one such technology in development, which incorporates a firefighter’s jacket that heats up when near flames and a hose that has a realistic pull when in use. This type of technology provides a realistic learning experience for both firefighters in training and those already in the field that are continuing to prepare for any situation that they may come across.

As this type of virtual reality technology is continued to be developed, more and more uses will be discovered to help firefighters train, making the profession safer.

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