The State of Fire Sprinkler Laws

Due to the difficult economy state legislatures and the federal government are dragging there feet writing and implementing new laws that would mandate fire sprinklers in all new single family homes. The arguments are pretty fundamental. Costs vs. lives.

Fire sprinklers are a proven life saving device when properly installed and maintained. The statistics are copious in their favor. Yet, home building lobbies have worked to prevent the implementation of new laws.

The public mood also is leaning towards less government interference in our lives. But no effort is being made to reduce the use of sprinklers in the places where we work, shop and play. The place where we are most vulnerable, where we sleep, is the place that they have chosen to draw the line. Every year thousands of people die in home fires….much more than in any current war, nuclear accident or oil spill. These deaths can easily be prevented for the cost equal to that of new carpeting. The argument for fire sprinklers in new homes is compelling.