Understanding the Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

Summarizing Benefits of Sprinkler Systems We’ve touched on a lot of news stories regarding different buildings and residences that didn’t stand a chance against a burning fire without a sprinkler system on location.

It has been proven time and time again that a sprinkler system is the most effective method to controlling a fire until firefighters arrive on scene.

Many different sources have started to cover the benefits of sprinkler systems from a residential standpoint, discussing how sprinkler systems play a huge role in fire prevention in homes.

Understanding How They Work

Many people are fearful of installing sprinkler systems into their homes because they believe that the system would cause significant damage to their home if they were to go off “at random.” However, most sprinkler systems are connected to recognize temperature increases within a room, and go off when extremely hot temperatures are detected. Typically, the sprinkler system is able to extinguish the flames or at least keep them under control until a fire department arrives.

Benefits are Endless

If you want to protect your home or your residential building against a fire, a sprinkler system is absolutely your best option. A sprinkler system reduces the chance of a deadly house fire about 80% according to the National Fire Protection Association. Modern homes are often made with a lot of wood, identifying as a bigger fire hazard when compared to older homes. A lot of household items are now made heavily with plastic and synthetics, which also burn quickly. If a modern home has a sprinkler system installed, both of those points become irrelevant.

Water Damage is Minimal

Many people are extremely concerned that a sprinkler system will ruin their home if it is activated, but the truth is, a fire will ruin your home without a doubt. Although sprinkler systems will inevitably result in some water damage, according to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, they typically only use 341 gallons of water to control a fire. A fire hose uses about 2,935 to battle a house fire, causing much more significant water damage if a fire department has to put an entire house fire out compared to putting out a small fire as it starts.

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